Slide girlnext a film by larry wade carrell

New Release June 18th!



Lorian West is perfect.  She’s young, upscale, connected, the right school, the right politics, the classic blonde, blue-eyed American beauty. Unknown to Lorian though, she’s been targeted for abduction.  She’s drugged and taken to a remote rundown ranch
where international traffickers not only deliver women for sex, but change them into obedient, beautiful yet placid and willing-to-please sex dolls. They also kill the ones who resist the program. Sofia is the newest model from Heinrich, a kind of international trendy druggy scientist whose genius is using trauma-based mind control techniques along with other hideous extremes of physical and mental torture to create the perfect doll. Heinrich thinks Lorian is actually the next breakthrough model and is excited to raise the price of delivery.



Larry Wade Carrell


Zeph E. Daniel, Michael Muscal


Rachel Alig, Marcus Jean Pirae, Paula Marcenaro Solinger, Lacey Cofran