Zeph E. Daniel

Zeph E. Daniel, married to Patricia Daniel, is co-founder of Crazed House, a production company and studio. He is a screenwriter, producer and director of many successful feature films. Also known as Woody Keith, Zeph penned the classic horror films: Society, Bride of Re-Animator, Silent Night and Deadly Night 4. Zeph is also an accomplished music producer and mastering consultant. In addition, he is a published author that has written several novels. Furthermore, Zeph is the host of The Zeph Report podcast for over 20 years, which has gained a large and loyal following. In the podcast, he covers the most cutting edge and controversial topics current in the world. His current projects includes Girl Next (2021), The Quantum Devil (2023), The Darkside of Society Documentary (TBD) and a special edition novelization of Society (2023), in conjunction with Brian Yuzna.


Patricia Bursiel Keith Daniel

Patricia Bursiel Keith Daniel married to Zeph E. Daniel, is co-founder of Crazed House, a production company and studio. She is an actor, singer, podcaster and executive producer. She studied at the American Acedemy of Dramatic Arts. She was the featured lead in the movies, Dementia and Angel’s Tide. Patricia is also the co-host of The Zeph Report podcast. Patricia’s current projects include Girl Next (2021), The Quantum Devil (2023), and The Darkside of Society Documentary (TBD).


Larry Wade Carrell

Larry Wade Carrell is an award-winning American writer, actor, and director. He is best known for his horror creation Jacob. The film earned 16 awards worldwide including the Platinum Remi Award for Best Picture at the 45th Annual Worldfest International Film Festival. Most recently produced and directed the Girl Next from Crazed House Ltd.

Other highlights include numerous efforts with Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn’s Blanc-Biehn Productions. Most notably directing the award winning She Rises which stars Angus Macfadyen. As an actor, Carrell continues to work on TV and in films, most recently 200 Degrees Directed by Giorgio Serafini and Partricio Valladares’ Vlad’s Legacy and Hidden in the Woods.


Loris Curci

Loris Curci was born in Italy and grew up between Spain and South Africa. He has produced more than 25 feature films, filmed in 16 different countries and is credited as a writer in most of his recent works. His very first film, “Il Ritorno di Cagliostro” (2003) was in competition at the Venice Film Festival and a few of his later movies played in the official selections of Cannes and Berlin. Loris has also produced and directed in theatre, (“The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux), played supporting roles in 15 movies and wrote 3 books about the Film industry.